AAA Grade Ametrine and Raw Brass Handcrafted Mother’s Day Gift Rosary, “Autumn Rose”

Raw Brass components make this rosary a lasting heirloom.  Natural untreated brass does not tarnish like sterling silver but darkens to a warm gold patina as it ages. Beautiful crystal clear Grade AAA Ametrine Gemstone looks like water droplets on woodsy flora. They have a sparkle and freshness like dew upon a meadow.  Lavender Austrian Rose Bloom “Our Father” Beads complete the rose theme.
A Mother is the dew on which her children are influenced.  The morals in which she blankets her offspring, shine as they play, learn and grow into adulthood. We have much to thank our Mothers for: First and foremost they gave us life; and life eternal as part of God’s plan. They truly are the roses in this world as their lives are a continuous sacrifice for the sake of their children. So, just as a rose is unique with a beautiful flower upon a stem of thorns, let us remember the stem of thorns that our Mothers endure allowing us to see them as the flower of love that they truly are, that is, a rose.
To view and see more or to purchase from my Etsy Store, Click Here.

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