Handcrafted Brass Mother’s Day Gift Rosary, “Antique English Rose”

Warm Non Plated Raw Brass components make this rosary a lasting heirloom. Raw brass does not tarnish like sterling silver but darkens to a warm gold patina as it ages. Beautiful lavender faceted crystal is reminiscent of the blossoms of a vintage English Rose bush with its prolific blooms and classic scent. Pressed rose Czech glass “Our Father” beads with a dark topaz luster correlate with this rosary’s theme.

A Mother is the sweetly scented tenderness and firmness on which her children are properly formed and trained in virtue. The virtues and manners that she instills upon her offspring through her own example and thoughtful correction are observed in her children as they play, learn and grow into adulthood.  We have much to thank our Mothers for: First and foremost they gave us life; and life eternal as part of God’s plan. They truly are the roses in this world as their example proves they have given of themselves to form the conscious of their children to what is good, right, proper and just. So, as an English rose is unique with a beautiful flower upon a stern thorny stem, let us remember the heart piercing thorns that our Mothers have also endured while raising their children for the common good of both God and Man. It is in celebration of their love that I offer this rosary.  To Purchase Click Here