Mother of Pearl First Communion One Decade Children’s Rosary, “Girls White and Ginger Rosary”

This raw brass artisan rosary has, on one end, double epoxy themed images depicting the Blessed Sacrament on a scalloped medal. On the other end is a solid brass crucifix that also has no plating or finishes to wear off. Like sterling, raw brass pieces can be polished with metal wax to bring back their brilliant luster.
One decade rosaries are the appropriate choice for children. Few children can sit through an entire rosary, but if you break it down to completing one decade, 10 Hail Marys daily, by weeks end, you will have recited one set of the mysteries – or one rosary. In 4 weeks all the mysteries will be said! That is a great accomplishment!

This devotion can be prayed before leaving for school in the morning (wake the kids up 15 minutes earlier) or it can be said in the car on the way to school. To Further View or Purchase This Beautiful Handcrafted Rosary Click Here.