Men’s Seraphinite and Jasper Gemstone Rosary, “Seraphim”

This very natural looking artisan rosary has a solid non plated raw brass crucifix and rosary center of the Sacred Heart that will not tarnish but patina to a rich gold. The angel wing is gold-bronze ( a lighter form of bronze with less copper and a vermeil treatment), which brings me to this rosary’s story and it’s special beads.

I chose “seraphinite” gemstone, named such because of its inclusions of chatoyant (light reflective) layers of white mica that resemble angels’ wings. We know from scripture that the Seraphim creatures had 3 pairs of wings: One set covering the eyes, another set covering the feet and a third set covering their backs. The unbounded Glory, the experiential knowledge and the presence and sight of God keeps them in a state of reverence and awe at the throne of God repeating over and over again, Holy Holy Holy…

As these creatures hold also the office of Angel, they carry out messages and missions for God. One such mission is carrying out the lancing and purifying of the heart with the “fire of charity.” Hence, the Red Jasper Our Father Beads of this rosary were chosen for their burnt orange coloring and flame like cut.

St. Padre Pio and St. Teresa of Avila received the transverberation of the heart from the flaming spear of a Seraph angel. St. Therese the Little Flower speaks of it in her autobiography as possibly receiving it while praying the “Stations of the Cross.” Her sister and her religious superior at that time, told her to not speak of such things and was doubtful of Therese’ experience; casting doubt in Therese herself….  To read and see more photos of this rosary or to make a purchase, please click here.