My Story

I began creating artisan rosaries and chaplets as a source of enhancing prayer beyond the rosary itself.  Fulfilling those needs, the rosary became also a remembrance of the spiritual journey and specifically the present relationship and calling with Christ, His work, Our Lady, the Saints and their significance in my daily life.

After having beads that gave personal meaning to my prayer life, I found myself going deeper into meditation with the very symbols the beads represented.  In short, looking at the beads themselves became a source of contemplation for me.  Feeling like others could benefit too, I opened an online store with contemplative artisan rosaries and chaplets.

About My Brass Rosary Parts

My brass rosary parts came about by desiring to create beautiful rosaries with lasting qualities, i.e. a lifetime without inferior electroplates, coatings and alloys.

Natural raw brass with this particular alloy has a beautiful patina.  It ages to a warm gold luster.  These parts look like 24 karat gold without the expense.  Gold prices have skyrocketed in recent years.  Natural brass of this nature is a wonderful alternative because it can be polished back to its original brightness with jewelry or metal polishing waxes.

Quality Construction

I use the strongest and most advanced cable wire on the market today.  It happens to be the most expensive too.  This is a necessity for a lifetime rosary.  This particular wire brand was tested by an independent testing firm against the three top national brands.  It surpassed all the others in tensile strength and durability.  I also use raw brass wire guardians at my connections to further protect from friction and eliminate any fraying on the cable wire where it joins to the crucifix and rosary center. Solid brass crimps beads that are very soft and do not embed into or damage the wire are used to secure my rosaries.  The solid brass jump rings connecting the crucifix and centerpiece of my rosaries are hand made in the USA and are cut in such a way that they “click and join” when brushed together at closing.  I temper these jump rings after closing which actually further strengthens and hardens them.  I use these for free movement as they take away the stress of movement that otherwise would be channeled to the crimps.  I refuse to make a rosary that cannot be used for prayer and devotion.

About My Heirloom Rosaries

No base metal parts, nor silver, bronze or gold plated tones or finishes are used on my heirloom rosaries. There is nothing to be worn off or mottled from daily use on bead caps, crimps, spacers etc.  The metal parts are all brass.  The beads used for these rosaries are ALWAYS high end and are usually made from a AA grade gemstone, expensive studio art glass, Swarovskian crystal or genuine vintage finds.

Feel free and please come visit my Etsy stores to see my entire collections of solid brass rosary parts and artistic rosaries:

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