Men’s Seraphinite and Jasper Gemstone Rosary, “Seraphim”

This very natural looking artisan rosary has a solid non plated raw brass crucifix and rosary center of the Sacred Heart that will not tarnish but patina to a rich gold. The angel wing is gold-bronze ( a lighter form of bronze with less copper and a vermeil treatment), which brings me to this rosary’s story and it’s special beads.

I chose “seraphinite” gemstone, named such because of its inclusions of chatoyant (light reflective) layers of white mica that resemble angels’ wings. We know from scripture that the Seraphim creatures had 3 pairs of wings: One set covering the eyes, another set covering the feet and a third set covering their backs. The unbounded Glory, the experiential knowledge and the presence and sight of God keeps them in a state of reverence and awe at the throne of God repeating over and over again, Holy Holy Holy…

As these creatures hold also the office of Angel, they carry out messages and missions for God. One such mission is carrying out the lancing and purifying of the heart with the “fire of charity.” Hence, the Red Jasper Our Father Beads of this rosary were chosen for their burnt orange coloring and flame like cut.

St. Padre Pio and St. Teresa of Avila received the transverberation of the heart from the flaming spear of a Seraph angel. St. Therese the Little Flower speaks of it in her autobiography as possibly receiving it while praying the “Stations of the Cross.” Her sister and her religious superior at that time, told her to not speak of such things and was doubtful of Therese’ experience; casting doubt in Therese herself….  To read and see more photos of this rosary or to make a purchase, please click here.

Non Plated Raw Brass Memorial Rosary, Lavender Swarovski Pearls Bereavement Gift

This rosary will make a beautiful memorial rosary for someone who has recently lost a mother, a special mother figure, a grandmother, wife or friend and is grieving the loss. It’s a beautiful keepsake to give as a memorial gift. The lavender color is peaceful and comforting.

This rosary can be used to pray for our loved one or displayed as a memento to remind us to pray for the repose of their soul or to give comfort that we are not forgotten and we are loved by God and the Blessed Virgin Mary who will never abandon us in our grief. They are there to bring comfort and hope. They will hold us through the sorrow of our loss.

It would also be a beautiful gesture for a bride who has recently lost her mother to use as a stem wrap or placed in her bridal bouquet to keep her Mother close by on that special day.

It may also be used in lieu of flowers and taken to a funeral home and placed with a card for a grieving family. To learn more about this rosary or to purchase from my Etsy store Click Here.

Mother of Pearl First Communion One Decade Children’s Rosary, “Girls White and Ginger Rosary”

This raw brass artisan rosary has, on one end, double epoxy themed images depicting the Blessed Sacrament on a scalloped medal. On the other end is a solid brass crucifix that also has no plating or finishes to wear off. Like sterling, raw brass pieces can be polished with metal wax to bring back their brilliant luster.
One decade rosaries are the appropriate choice for children. Few children can sit through an entire rosary, but if you break it down to completing one decade, 10 Hail Marys daily, by weeks end, you will have recited one set of the mysteries – or one rosary. In 4 weeks all the mysteries will be said! That is a great accomplishment!

This devotion can be prayed before leaving for school in the morning (wake the kids up 15 minutes earlier) or it can be said in the car on the way to school. To Further View or Purchase This Beautiful Handcrafted Rosary Click Here.

Madagascan Rose Quartz and Warm Brass Mother’s Day Rosary, “Wild Spring Rose”

Warm Non Plated Raw Brass components make this rosary a lasting heirloom. Raw brass does not tarnish like sterling silver but darkens to a warm gold patina as it ages. Beautiful Grade AA Madagascan Rose Quartz Milky Gemstone looks like the fresh blossoms of a wild rose with their gentleness and hardiness. Pressed rose pink Austrian glass “Our Father” Beads correlate with the theme.
A Mother is the gentleness and hardiness on which her children are formed and strengthened. The Values that she presses upon her offspring, blossom as they play, learn and grow into adulthood. We have much to thank our Mothers for: First and foremost they gave us life; and life eternal as part of God’s plan. They truly are the roses in this world as their lives prove the sacrifices they have made on behalf of their children. So just as a rose is unique with a beautiful flower upon a thorny stem, let us remember the piercing thorns that our Mothers have been dealt. They allow us to see what they have endured, much like the wild spring rose.

This special rosary comes gift-boxed with the meditation and its meaning inscribed on vellum paper.

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Holy Communion Brass Rosary Centers, “Communion Chalice”

These medium sized solid raw brass centers come three to a package. Order by package.

Natural Raw Brass is not plated nor finished with any lacquer or gold coating. It can easily be polished like sterling silver. I only recommend Collinite Metal Wax and a soft microfiber polishing cloth to keep the brilliance of these pieces like new. Natural low brass darkens to a warm gold with age. This too is a very desirable patina that adds warmth to any rosary or beading project.

Size: 5/8″ x 1″

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Rosary Parts Non Plated Raw Brass Set, “Sacred Heart”

This solid raw brass rosary set has no plating or finishes to wear off. Like sterling silver these pieces can be polished with Jewelry Wax to easily bring back their original shine. [I only recommend Collinite no.850 Wax for my products so you can be assured your pieces will not be damaged.]

This set was chosen by size, weight, proportion and form to insure it will look lovely on any large rosary. Perfect for rosaries using 8mm or 10mm Ave beads or incorporating large Paters of 12 – 25mm in size.  It will look wonderful with gemstones, Austrian crystal and beads of all types. Great for a men’s rosary too.

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